Pepe Romero Lesson: Rasgueado on Guitar


Pepe Romero Guitar Lesson on RasgueadoAn impromptu lesson in rasgueado technique for guitar by Pepe Romero. Keep watching through to when he start playing. Romero has some impressive and strong rasgueado but keep close attention to his relaxation tips as that is the key! Watch until the end because the student (I’m assuming Andrey) makes a fantastic breakthrough, what a great moment.  This comes via Andrey Parfinovich’s YouTube.

Pepe Romero BookYou can buy Pepe’s technique book via Amazon:
La Guitarra – A Comprehensive Study Of Classical Guitar Technique And Guide To Performing. Here’s the promo blurb: “Tuscany Publications presents a revised and expanded edition of Pepe Romero’s Guitar Style and Technique (1982), which had been out of print for some time. New features include sections on tremolo, flamenco, concert performance, additional finger gymnastics and more”

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