Thibaut Garcia Plays Concerto Op.140 by Carulli

Thibaut Garcia plays Concerto in Mi minore Op. 140 per Guitare et Orchestra (c. 1820) also called Petit concerto de société. by Ferdinando Carulli (1770-1841). This comes via Seicorde Magazine and their YouTube channel at the XIV Moscow International Festival Guitar Virtuosi with Svetlanov Symphony Orchestra and conductor Valentin Uryupin. Movements: Allegro (1:11), Largo (8:40), and Allegro (11:42).

To my knowledge Carulli only wrote two concertos that include guitar, this Op.140 and the Double Concerto Op. 8 (Flute, Guitare et Orchestre), c. 1809. I’m surprised this doesn’t get played more often as it’s a successful work overall with clear separation of the orchestra and the guitar making the balance work. The largo probably has the best guitar writing as the faster movements have so much arpeggio figuration and technique work common to the era. But Carulli is always a bit better than I expect him to be. Nicely played by the excellent Thibaut Garcia who is seems at home in the setting, nice and relaxed with refined phrasing and some very virtuosic flourishes.

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