Fabio Zanon Plays Polonaise by Bobrowicz


Fabio Zanon - GuitarBrazilian guitarist Fabio Zanon Plays Grand Polonaise, op.24 by Polish guitarist, composer Jan Bobrowicz (1805–1881). Contemporaries called Bobrowicz “the Chopin of guitar”. This video comes from the amazing GuitarCoop and their fantastic YouTube Channel. Zanon is a legend of the guitar world, a shockingly good player and performer. Without a website or YouTube channel we are deprived of him too much! But those who know of his work know that he is the real deal! Check out his recordings, DVD’s and Sheet Music on Amazon (I love his complete works of Villa-Lobos or Scarlatti for example). Guitar Coop has a nice bio for Zanon here. The guitar doesn’t look like a 19th century guitar but love the little short scale he’s playing.

Video Link & Source: https://youtu.be/3cuj-EPDZKo


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  1. Борис Григорьев on

    Великолепное исполнение! Глубокое проникновение в суть музыки. Зенон показывает нечто большее, чем виртуозность.
    Спасибо ему и вам.

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