Lorenzo Micheli Plays Fughetta op. 113 by Giuliani

Italian guitarist Lorenzo Micheli plays Fughetta op. 113 by Mauro Giuliani (1781–1829). This comes via Micheli’s fantastic YouTube channel and with audio and video by Drew Henderson. Wonderful playing as usual with a nice mix of musical and articulate playing along with virtuosity. Micheli support here is a GuitarLift (see my review).

I’ve never heard this work by Giuliani before and was happy to hear him diving into some more intense contrapuntal music. I found this writeup on the piece by Colin Cooper via this Naxos Albumthis Naxos Album: “Giuliani’s Fughetta, Op. 113, was sold in 1824 for ten scudi, at a time when fifty scudi would have bought you a fortepiano. It was first sent to Diabelli, but composer and publisher fell out and Diabelli was asked to forward it to another publisher, Giuliani’s friend Domenico Artaria. It seems that this request was not carried out. Composers have always been fascinated by the fugue. Mozart was one who found beauty in its logical working out, though his skill in counterpoint found its profoundest expression in long and formal works such as the Jupiter Symphony. Giuliani, with different musical aspirations, used his skill only on rare occasions, as in this well-formed little fugue”.

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