Hopkinson Smith plays Renaissance Lute Music

Lutenist Hopkinson Smith plays Italian and French Renaissance lute music including Dalza, Spinacino, and Attaingnant at the Conservatorio Vivaldi di Alessandria (Italy). This comes via Edoardo Lambertenghi’s excellent YouTube channel. Beautiful playing and some of my favourite repertoire of the Renaissance. This is the first time I’ve featured Smith despite having listened to him for years and owning a ton of his excellent recordings. Enjoy.


  • Joan Ambrosio Dalza – Pavana alla veneziana 0:26
  • Francesco Spinacino
    • Recercare 23 4:15
    • Recercare 12 6:18
  • Joan Ambrosio Dalza
    • Caldibi castegliano 10:15
    • Calata alla Spagnola ditto terzetti 11:58
  • Pierre Attaingnant
    • Sauterelle 17:22
    • Branle de Poictou 18:56

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