Pavel Steidl Plays Hommage a Jimi Hendrix by Domeniconi

Pavel Steidl, Classical Guitar

Fabulous Czech guitarist Pavel Steidl plays Hommage a Jimi Hendrix by Italian guitarist and composer Carlo Domeniconi (born 1947) at the Fourth International Alexander Frauchi Festival, Moscow. Gnessins’ Academy of Music, Moscow, 2015. Video via Guitar Magazine. Domeniconi is extremely prolific but most well known for his famous 1985 piece Koyunbaba. He was largely based in Germany for much of his composition during the era. Pavel Steidl needs little introduction, he’s one of the best..period. Born 1961 in Rakovnik, Czech Republic, he has been based in the Netherlands for many years.

FYI, keep watching for his amazing throat singing and awesome virtuosity in this piece.

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