New Music Mondays: Strata-Motion by Richard Melkonian


This is the first post from a new category called “New Music Mondays” where contemporary music will be featured. New is the game and what better than a young composer to start it off! I really like the percussive sounds and sense for constant forward motion in this work. I’m excited to hear more from Melkonian!

A word from the Composer: Strata-Motion was written for the Royal Northern College of Music’s Guitar Quartet.  The piece focuses on the sensation of constant motion and travel in the 21st Century.  Each guitar represents a different ‘layer’ of motion, throughout the piece patterns combine and vary to create a tapestry of rhythms punctuated with sudden harmonic shifts.  Honoring Steve Reich and other Minimalist Composers, this piece aims to take the Minimalist aesthetic into new territories to reflect the new dynamics of the internet, communication and travel in 21st Century life.

Composer Short Biography: Richard Melkonian is young composer studying at Guildhall School for Music and Drama in London.  His music focuses on the sensations of urban city life and the experiences we as individuals derive from them.  Also a student of Film Production, Richard invisages concert music playing a new and integral role within London and other cities in the 21st Century, his pieces are usually performed with accompanying visuals and multimedia.  For more information see his website or follow him on twitter.

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