Mahmoud Turkmani plays Soleá


A bit of flamenco for you today. Enjoy. Mahmoud Turkmani plays Soleá on a 1969 José Ramirez M.M. via Siccas Guitars. Interesting guy, he obviously does more than flamenco: “The innovative guitarist, composer an oud player Mahmoud Turkmani is considered as a renovator and bridge-builder between contemporary Western-classical and Arabic-traditional music. Mahmoud Turkmani who was born in 1964 in Northern Lebanon studied from 1984 to 1989 classical guitar and composition at the Moscow Academy for Music. After his graduation he continued his studies at Oscar Ghiglia (1989/90, Conservatory of Basle, Switzerland), Juan Carmona (1991/92, Flamenco Programme, Andalucia) und Stephan Schmidt (1994-97, Conservatory of Berne, Switzerland). Stephan Schmidt encouraged him to develop his own musical language.” via his bio page. You can check out more of his videos here.

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