Nona Onda, Serenade for Cello, Guitar & Orchestra by Giacomo Susani

Giacomo Susani (guitar), Nora Braun (cello), and Constantin Riccardi (conductor) perform Nona Onda, a Serenade for Cello, Guitar and Orchestra written by Susani. This comes via his YouTube Channel. Susani is an Italian classical guitarist based in London. Beautiful and lush work by Susani, both his sensitive and refined playing but also the composition and orchestration. Lovely combo of guitar and cello along with the orchestra. Too bad the actual concert got cancelled but I love the video with the players coming and going as their parts come in. It’s a visual orchestration of the work and a great project. As he mentions on his Youtube:

The piece, commissioned by the Agora Music Festival should have been premiered in the Kulturzentrum Beim Nëssert, Bergem (Luxembourg) in April 2020, an event which was postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. For this reason the organizers and the musicians involved decided together to make an online world premiere with everyone recording their parts from home.

Nona Onda is a Serenade in two halves based on the Romantic concept of the Ninth Wave, which is effectively depicted in “Idylls of the King: The coming of Arthur” by Alfred Tennyson:

“(…) Wave after wave, each mightier than the last,
Till last, a ninth one, gathering half the deep
And full of voices, slowly rose and plunged
Roaring, and all the wave was in a flame (…)”

Violins I: Samuel Staples, Jure Smirnov Oštir, Nadia Ettinger
Violins II: Cathy Heidt, Dave Shaw, Eugenio Sacchetti
Violas: Miguel Sobrinho, Sophie Urhausen
Cellos: Anik Schwall, Charlotte Kaslin
Double Bass: Gonzalo Jiménez Barranco
Flute: Anna Kondrashina
Oboe: Luiz Heitor de Campos
Clarinets: Sebastián Plata, Raphaëlle Ribouillault
Bassoon: Pierrick Demoisy
Horns: Isabella Ward Ackland, Johan Stone
Trumpets: Jeff Mack, Kaitlin Wild
Timpani: Sven Hoscheit

Audio and video edited by Giacomo Susani

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