Uros Baric plays Sonata VI by Zamboni

Uros Baric - Guitar - Zamboni

Slovenian guitarist Uros Baric plays Sonata VI (Allemanda, Giga, Sarabanda, Gavotta) by Italian lutenist and composer Giovanni Zamboni (fl. early 18th century, c1664-1721). This is a casual video from a house concert including quite a bit of hiss in the recording but I rarely get to post Zamboni and Uros plays it well so I’m posting it anyway. Check out his YouTube channel or this video of him playing Sainz de la Maza for audio-video-guitar wizardry. “Zamboni is somewhat of a mystery to the modern listener. Very little is known of his life; he was born in Rome in the latter part of the 17th century, became a virtuoso on the theorbo, lute, harpsichord, guitar, mandore and mandolin, and had a side‐career as a jeweller.” Read more via prestoclassical.

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