Classical Guitar Accessories

Here is a list of classical guitar accessories and gear. Links go to

Classical Guitar Accessories 

Guitar Support Supports

See my full review with comparisons: Ergonomic Guitar Rests, Supports, Cushions. Below are some popular picks.

More accessories

Classical Guitar String Reviews

See my full review of multiple strings and brands here. Below are some common picks. Beginners: I’d recommend you use a basic and affordable string set such as D’Addario Pro Arte (either normal or hard tension). Don’t get bogged down with string choices, just get a standard string and focus on playing and practicing. That said, below are my personal preferences.

Recording & Gig Gear

Travel & Fun:

These are fun little guys, about the size of the ukulele but with six strings. See my review here or just check it out on Amazon: Yamaha Guitalele