Douglas Hensley & The Intercultural Quartet

Douglas Hensley and the Intercultural Quartet perform works by Niel Golden, Douglas Hensley, and Moshe Denburg. This comes via the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra and their great Youtube channel. I had the pleasure of learning so much from Douglas during college and later working with and collaborating with him for 16 years at the Victoria Conservatory of Music as faculty members. His love of chamber music, early music, and premiering new works is boundless and inspiring. Here he is playing on oud, lute, and guitar.

1. Winter Falling by Niel Golden
2. Estampida by Douglas Hensley
Mark Ferris, violin
Douglas Hensley, oud & lute
Sungyong lim, cello
Niel Golden, hang drum

The King is Dancing By Moshe Denburg
Performed by the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra
Mark Takeshi McGregor, flutes
Doug Hensley, guitar
Moshe Denburg, guitar
Mark Ferris, violin
Jeremy Berkman, trombone
Niel Golden, tabla
Martin Fisk, percussion & jaw’s harp
Jonathan Bernard, percussion

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  1. so powerful , beautiful, atmospheric….. very visual…. dancing with flowing veils, the sea ebbing and flowing… playful creatures in the ornate Persian forest…. a tiger watching and waiting…love passionate and sometimes impatient love…