Sanel Redžić Plays Suite BWV 995 by Bach

Sanel Redžić plays Suite BWV 995 by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). This comes via Redžić’s fantastic and very active YouTube channel. Recorded in Schottenkirche Erfurt, Germany. I love Redžić’s balanced playing, musical but also rhythmic and well-paced. I’ve been working of editions of the ‘lute’ suites and its amazing how much editing is needed in some of them when transferring to the modern guitar. If you didn’t already know, this one is Bach’s arrangement from his own Cello Suite No. 5, BWV 1011 and transfers to guitar better than most of the suites.

Video Movement Times
00:36 Prelude – Tres Viste
07:17 Allemande
14:12 Courante
16:48 Sarabande
20:50 Gavotte I & Gavotte 2 En Rondeaux
25:28 Gigue

My edition will be coming eventually but for now I’d recommend the good ol’ Koonce edition which you’d want for comparison anyway: Lute Works of Johann Sebastian Bach

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