Leonora Spangenberger (13) plays Etude No. 4 by Villa-Lobos


Another youth feature as it’s great to see their music develop and they deserve praise for their excellent work. 13 year old German guitarist Leonora Spangenberger plays Etude No. 4 by Villa-Lobos. Last week I posted a video of Another fantastic youth student Nina Bernert (12) both of which are students of Stefan Schmidt. This comes via his YouTube channel where he highlights some of his great students. Leonora Spangenberger is recording videos of all the Villa-Lobos etudes in order so she’s already played No.1-3. Check out Schmidt’s channel to see them all. Sheet Music: I recommend this edition: Villa-Lobos Etudes (Zigante).

Video Link & Source: https://youtu.be/mpvQFa74N4s

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