Marco De Biasi plays Melancholy Galliard by Dowland

Marco De Biasi plays Melancholy Galliard (Poulton No.25) by Elizabethan composer and lutenist John Dowland (1563-1626). This comes via his YouTube channel. Great performance here with some beautiful pacing and phrasing. De Biasi is also a composer, I performed some of his Studies (Studios) for guitar trio two years ago which are pretty cool pieces. I highly recommend checking out his compositions and work, he’s also an artist/painter, see more at his website.

Coincidentally, I just finished an edition of this piece and will be releasing it and a video myself in a week or two. It’s a lovely work but surprisingly not as easy as it sounds!

My Dowland Sheet Music and Lessons


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  1. at Dowland s time this music was played with a luth liberating lhe left hand fingers most of the bass notes beeing strokes on (cordes a vide)

    • It was indeed played on a lute but Dowland generally played a 6 or 7 string lute so the fingering is almost exactly the same if you read the tablature faithfully and have the 3rd string tuned down to F sharp.