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Mundo Guitar Support
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I was very pleased to receive a Mundo Guitar Support and Strap to test out and demo. I’ve tried 15 different guitar supports and it’s been fun seeing the variety and innovative designs. I became interested in the Mundo after featuring Colombian guitarist Francisco Correa playing with one on YouTube a few weeks back (video below). Guitar supports are getting better and better every year so there are now a ton of options and styles for every player. Every support offers a different level of maneuverability, secureness, and possible angles of positioning. Finding the support that best fits your needs is the key. FYI, the non-adhesive protective and suction enhancing vinyl material I mention in the video is a non-guitar one called Grafix ClingViynl. I’ve used it on French polish and polyurethane finishes but I’ve been told not to use on lacquer finishes so use at your own risk, ask your luthier or maker. The black cloth/foam seen in the video on my leg to keep the guitar from slipping is the Shelf Liner. Alternatively you could use the additional belt suction cup from the strap system for the same purpose.

I like the Mundo support and I have no criticisms, it really just comes down to personal preference. Its high level of versatile movement and that awesome magnet are big wins here and the option of converting it to the Mundo Strap system is a brilliant bonus. The strap system is not something I personally will use everyday, but it would be perfect for certain performance situations where you want to stand up and interact with the audience or move around a gig from table to table. It could also be very useful in theatre, opera, and performance art situations. Many people may like the strap while sitting as well. They also make an Mundo Airpannier, an ergonomic and safe way to carry musical instruments on bicycles. The innovative design and simplicity of the support is a welcomed addition to the guitar world.

In terms of competition I think the Mundo tops the somewhat similar Murata support, although I haven’t tried the new Murata suction cup option. The Murata has too many little bolts and tighteners for me and I think suction cups on the back of the guitar work better. I still love my Gitano and Tenuto supports for ultimate simplicity and small compact design but I’m yet to trust them outside the practice or rehearsal room. Mundo’s biggest competitor will be the GuitarLift which I’ve also reviewed and have been using a ton these days. The GuitarLift feels more supported and secure than any guitar support I’ve tried but has less maneuverability and doesn’t not fold up nicely for easy transport as the Mundo does. The GuitarLift will also not fit the variety of small instruments with its widely spaced suction cups or give you the Mundo strap option. That said, having the perfect tool is more important than versatility in some cases. Some players will favour stability over maneuverability so personal preference will be the deciding factor.

Pros of the Mundo Guitar Support

  • High level of maneuverability, the magnetic pivot allows an amazing range of movement angles, and positioning.
  • Back mounted suction cups make positioning and height adjustments very versatile and it seems to stay suctioned on nicely.
  • The small surface area needed for the 3 cups makes the support usable on small instruments and a wider possibility of placements.
  • Large foam pad under leg platform stops the support from slipping on the leg.
  • Each part is detachable for easy and compact transport
  • Optional usage of the Mundo Strap system (see end of my video or their video below)
  • Colour options include natural wood (seen here) or black

Cons of Mundo Support

  • Not everyone will want maneuverability and might favour the security of supports such as the Guitarlift or HB Support. That said, I found playing in a static position quite supportive, easy, and not a problem at all.
  • The leg pad/platform seems a bit big but you probably want that for comfort and so it doesn’t slip off or slide around.
  • Although it’s necessary that the suction cup head piece be removable for the strap system and easy transport, I’d personally prefer that it locked in more securely. It came out once when I got up and did some weird (edited the video across the room while holding my guitar). I think I accidentally yanked on it so this would never happen in performance but maybe a locking mechanism would be welcome. However, it never once came off when playing.

Mundo Promo Video and Strap Instructional

Colombian guitarist Francisco Correa plays Bambuco in E minor by Colombian composer Adolfo Mejía (1905-1973). This comes via his YouTube channel.

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