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HB Guitar Support & HB Lite Guitar Support
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I am very excited and pleased to receive the HB Guitar Supports all the way from the Ukraine. I’ve been looking for a trustworthy support for performance using clamps instead of suction cups for a long time. I used to love my Murata but because the clamps are so wide they don’t work on my raised fingerboard guitar because the top slopes down. Luckily, both the HB Support and the HB Lite support both work on my guitar since they attach lower on the instrument and the clamps are closer together.

The Good Stuff

  • Durable construction – Made from light-weight and strong aluminium and leather these are durable and solid, they will probably last a lifetime.
  • Secure and reliable – They feel super solid and securely situated and will not come off. I talk about the pros and cons of clamps in the video but they work great for me.
  • Small – The HB Lite is super small and light and easily thrown in your bag or case for on the run gigs.
  • The tubing on the clamps does not slip on the top of the guitar, this allows you to only tighten the clamps very lightly which is an important fact for your expensive guitar.
  • Great for youth and adults alike. For youth, you could attach the HB Lite and leave it on the guitar permanently if they have a soft shell case.


  • The larger HB Support was great for me but some people might want it to raise up higher.
  • A future upgrade on the HB Lite would an adjustable strap as the Tenuto has but, that said, I love the leather as it doesn’t slip.
  • I think the clamps are perfectly safe for your guitar but you should ask the luthier of your guitar to make sure.


  • Get some non-adhesive protection if your guitar uses French polish. I’ve been using a non-guitar one called Grafix ClingViynl which is super cheap and you get so much. I’ve used it on French polish and polyurethane finishes but I’ve been told not to use on lacquer finishes so use at your own risk, ask your luthier or maker. There is a guitar specific one too called Kling-on which you can find around. Maybe you don’t need it but I feel more comfortable with some protection between the support and my guitar.
  • Don’t push super hard on the guitar or the clamps can slip in the tubing, this never happened when I was using them but I did a ‘stress test’ and it happened a bit. You shouldn’t be pressing hard anyway so it’s not a concern. Also, don’t tighten the clamp too hard, only very lightly is needed.

Suction cups are fine for practicing and I’m happy to use some devices for performance as well. The GuitarLift never comes off due to the side to side pressure. Even my Tenuto or Gitano generally stay on, especially if I clean the suction cups but I’m always a bit hesitant to perform with suction cups despite how reliable they are. Clamps are a great solution and I’d perform with either of the HB Supports. I don’t love the idea of the clamps pressing on my guitar’s thin top but I think it’s safe. I can see myself still using suction cup support for practice due to their ease and the HB Supports for performance. Great product and an important step forward with guitar supports.

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HB Guitar Support


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  1. Important correction and apology.
    Yes in fact it does work on satin finish guitars. It just has to be a tiny bit tighter. It’s an excellent product and feels more secure than other types of support.

  2. I have just bought the light version. The quality of materials and finish is excellent.
    However in use with my satin finish guitar it slips unless I clamp very hard so unfortunately it is not suitable for satin finish guitar . Instead I have adapted a gitano type support, removed the suction cups and used super strong velcro to attach to guitar. The guitar has a permanent square of velcro attached but it’s worth it to be able to hold the guitar confidently.

  3. A teaser of a problem. French polishing has 2 purposes. Better sound from less restriction of vibrations and also a nice shiny polish. Counter to that is anything holding then surface still and therefore resticting the sound .How many players make a point of walking round the audience to show them a nice shiny polish before or after a performance? Do they also show the support in position to interest the audience and hopefully avoid arguments that arise ? Would they ever be interested?
    Footstools are often used as well as supports . Is there a case for higher stools and some way to “lose” the right leg that seems to get in the way of a good guitar hold .
    I altered a chair with a suitable raised pad to rest the guitar on. Now I keep both feet on the floor and don`t need any attachments . Different solution for the same problem .Now that might disqualify me as not keeping forensically fixed to the exact topic .