Teaching Classical Guitar

I teach about 30 regular students year round and some ensemble classes too. I’ve been teaching at the Victoria Conservatory of Music up in Victoria, B.C. for 15 years.

I often get asked how I approach teaching classical guitar. The truth is that every student learns in a different way so I can’t give you a set way to teach. However, I do use some materials with all my classical guitar students (see below). I haven’t included repertoire or etudes here but you can check out my sheet music page.

Lessons:  I use videos in addition to my studio teaching so my students can go home and remember all the tips. You can check out the Lesson Archive for these videos.

Method Books I Use When Teaching Classical Guitar:


Early Intermediate:

Late Intermediate:

Early Advanced: 

  • Kitharologus: The Path to Virtuosity – difficult but well worth it.  – I’ve been going over this more thoroughly this week. It starts out super easy but gets very difficult. Plus there are some wacky technique tasks such as all rest-stroke during arpeggios. However, I’m convinced this is an excellent book for anyone who wants to go beyond pumping nylon basics and really get into controlling their sound and technique.