Classical Guitar Method – Volume Two

This method is currently being revised. The new edition will be released July 2017.

Classical Guitar Method – Volume Two by Bradford Werner 
For classical or fingerstyle guitar
Level: Late Beginner to Early Intermediate

This book teaches classical and fingerstyle guitar skills with a focus on reading tonal music in common keys. It should be used alongside repertoire and theory books as a practical supplement for reading and skill development. The aim is to prepare students for intermediate repertoire. Part 1, 3, and 4 should be studied simultaneously while integrating upper position playing when ready or needed. I recommend using this book for the first half of weekly lessons, leaving the second half for concert repertoire and special interests. Take lessons with a qualified teacher and watch the free video lessons to ensure you learn proper technique, musicality, and listening skills.



  • Theory: Scales & Key Signatures
  • Theory: Chords, Inversions, and Chord Progressions

Part 1 – Reading Music & Chords in Common Keys

  • C Major – Menuet by Rameau (Duet), Allegro by Carulli, Morning Has Broken
  • A Minor – Romance by Küffner, Prelude by Carcassi, Star of County Down
  • G Major – Andante by Carulli (Duet), Simple Gifts
  • E Minor – Erster Verlust by Schumann (Duet), Prelude by Carcassi
  • D Major – La Petit Rien by Couperin (Duet), Rujero by Sanz
  • A Major – Theme by Mozart (Duet), Prelude by Carulli, Bound for South Australia
  • E Major – Gavotte by Corelli (Duet), Study by Sor
  • F Major – Prelude by Gottfried (Duet), Tempo di Marcia by Mertz
  • D Minor – Riguadon by Rameau (Duet), Folies d’Espagne
  • Bb Major – Bourrée by Telemann (Duet)

Part 2 – Playing in Upper Positions

  • Scales and reading exercises in upper positions
  • Connecting lower and upper positions
  • Intro to Barré chords
  • Duets with upper position playing
  • Solo pieces with some upper position playing

Part 3 – Rhythm Training

  • Exercises 1-16

Part 4 – Technique & Chord Exercises

  • Chromatic Scale Exercises
  • Triad Arpeggios and Right Hand Exercises
  • Scale and Slurs Exercises
  • Reference: Barré Chords and Closed Position Triads