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This is Classical Guitar is based in Victoria, BC, Canada. This page has classical guitar information, articles, and lists of organizations and teachers in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Classical Guitar Lessons in Victoria 
All ages and levels are welcome from youth students, post-secondary, to hobbyist adults. If I am not available to teach you I can recommend a teacher based on your interests, age, goals, and preferred styles. Contact me for information. Email:

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Classical at the Victoria Conservatory of Music 
Founded in 1964, the Victoria Conservatory of Music (VCM) is home to a wide variety of education programs, performance events, and music therapy. Although there is no guitar department or head of guitar at the VCM, the classical guitar faculty are part of a vibrant and supportive strings department. The string department head is Simon MacDonald (violin). Post-secondary studies are available with a variety of instructors upon request and in consultation with the post-secondary coordinator. There are also other guitar teachers in the contemporary department for jazz, pop, rock etc (not listed here). All the VCM faculty are available to teach a variety of levels, ages, and styles.

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