Classical Guitar in Canada

Although This is Classical Guitar has an international scope, I’m based in Victoria, BC, Canada and like to offer a Canadian spotlight when possible.  Actually, I used to run the website Classical Guitar Canada which eventually got absorbed into this larger site. I’ll be adding to this page slowly as inspiration arises. Remember that this just my personal blog so I can’t list every guitar activity or player in Canada. There is so much good stuff happening in Canada that I can’t even keep track of it all! Bradford Werner

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Recommended Canadian Classical Guitarists

I’ll be listing more names soon but here’s a few great players to spark your interest. These are mainly a younger generation of players as well as those active online. Listing every singe guitarist is not possible (sorry). There is wealth of great players out there: young, old, established, emerging, and more, this is just a small few!

  • Jérôme Ducharme (Website, Youtube, Facebook) – Ducharme is one of Canada’s most accomplished and recognized talents. His 2005 GFA win, Naxos albums and McGill position puts him at the forefront of Canadian playing. His Hetu recording is a personal favourite.
  • Tariq Harb (WebsiteFacebook, Youtube) – Tariq is a great guitarist and big competition winner. You might have seen him on TedX or through his popular Youtube channel or Facebook page. He is super active, teaches at Concordia University, and often posts on-the-fly online content as well making him a must-follow.
  • Drew Henderson (Website, YouTube, Facebook) – Drew is a fantastic player but also an audio/visual tech wizard as well. His videos as well as those he records for others are some of the best quality classical guitar videos in the world. Follow him on Facebook or YouTube and you won’t be sorry.
  • Michael Kolk (Website, YouTube, Facebook) – Clearly one of Canada’s great guitarists, Michael’s playing ranges from virtuosic to elegant and musical. Lucky for us, Drew Henderson and Michael Kolk play in a power duo together as well, aka Henderson-Kolk Duo.
  • Rob MacDonald (ChromaDuo, YouTube) – From exciting new music projects, the amazing ChromaDuo with Tracy Anne Smith, or just high level playing in general, Rob is an intelligent player with chops to match. You won’t find a ton of vids on his Youtube but just search for him and you’ll find a wealth of content. Respect!
  • Jeffrey McFadden (Website, Facebook, Toronto Society) – I can’t think of another Canadian guitarist besides Norbert Kraft that has established themselves as well as McFadden. A major recording artist, performer, and teacher, he has inspired a whole generation of guitarists and leads the scene in Toronto where he’s the AD for Toronto Society and head of guitar at UofT. Still incredibly active, I can’t list everything he does but he is probably the most prominent Canadian guitarist today.
  • Emma Rush (Website, Guitar Hamilton, Youtube) – Emma is a wonderful guitarist but also a very important leader in Canada’s guitar networking and society scene. She has put Hamilton on the map for classical guitar with a great concert series and an excellent summer festival.
  • Adrian Verdejo (Website, YouTube, SoundCloud) – Adrian is a good friend of mine in the Victoria Guitar Trio but he is truly one of Canada’s most prominent forces of new music for classical and electric guitar. Constantly premiering new works, he’s an important figure to follow. West-Coast!

More Canadian Players that will be added to the above list

Classical Guitar Luthiers

Canadian Guitar Societies

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Recommend Canadian Compositions

The commission/dedication for individual or group listed in parenthesis.  Links go to sheet music store (composer’s website, amazon, sheet music plus, etc).

Canadian Classical Guitar Solos

Canadian Classical Guitar Trios

  • Scott Godin: On Poetics (Victoria Guitar Trio)
  • Scott Godin: Inside the Theodosian Walls (Victoria Guitar Trio)
  • Jordan Nobles: Concentric Rings (Victoria Guitar Trio)
  • Benton Roark: Mystic Viel (Victoria Guitar Trio)
  • John Sherlock: Musiquita  (Adrian Verdejo)
  • RD Wraggett: The Nagual’s Dream for Guitar Trio and Tape (Victoria Guitar Trio)
  • RD Wragget: Yesterday’s Canon (Victoria Guitar Trio)